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 Mainstream Program Adjustment
   Good?  or Bad?

There has been a lot of talk about dropping movements from the Mainstream
list and possibly adding them to the Plus list.  Why?
Many feel the Mainstream list is too big and requires too much time to fully
teach and still keep new dancers.  That my friends, is a fact.  Additionally,
the Plus list is small enough many new dancers feel they  can move on to plus
immediately after graduating from Mainstream.  What about those who combine
programs and graduate their dancers as "Plus dancers"?
 Moving beyond these differences, what about maintaining the integrity of
the basic plateau now called ’Mainstream’?    
  Here’s a premise:  Descriptive movements, which allow us to move a dancer
through a Plus call without naming the call must remain a part of the
Mainstream list. For example: Courtesy Turn, Single Hinge, Cast off, Touch
1/4, Circulate, Trade, Fold, Chain, Pass thru and Run.  Old ’Basic’
movements such as Star thru, Allemande, Box the Gnat, Grand Square & Weaves
should also be kept in the Mainstream program.  
  Using this premise, movements such as Fan the Top or Spin Chain Thru could
possibly be moved to the Plus list.  ‘Spin’ and ‘Dixie’ are a basic part of
our Square Dance language and at least one movement containing each should be
left in the Mainstream Program.  i.e. (Spin the Top, and Dixie Style to an
Ocean Wave).  
  To examine what must be kept, go through the Plus list.  Describe how to
do the movement.  What words did you use?  What Square Dance Language did you
need to move the dancers?  Was that language included in the Mainstream
There is more here, and Callers should be willing to examine what they use
and how they use it.  When we can come together and decide what our language
requirement is, then and only then will we have a sound Mainstream Program.  
I believe CALLERLAB is heading in this direction.
Bob Rollins 
1014W. Madison Pl.
Broken Arrow,
OK 74012

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